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Special Guest: S.B. Lerner


  1. Helen Ginger

    Loved this post, Susan, especially your description of the difference between novels and short stories.

    Hi Karen. Thanks for hosting Susan.

  2. Maryann Miller

    So neat to find out more about you Susan and your path as a writer. I, too, took great heart from a writing instructor who had kind words to say about one of my first short stories, and I credit him with keeping me going through the avalanche of rejection slips that followed. LOL

    I also loved reading about the connections that ultimately brought you to the blog today. I think the World Wide Web is so aptly named. No telling where it is going to take us.

  3. S.B. Lerner

    Thanks, Helen and Maryann. I'm enjoying getting to know our group better through our blog tour. I kind of like writing posts, but it's hard to think of topics. Anytime you'd like to be 'hosted' by me, I'm happy to have you!

  4. Marian Allen

    I'm so glad to have met both of you, Karen and Susan, and all my fellow Corner Cafe authors. It's been wonderful having a thread to follow around the World Wide Web instead of wandering aimlessly.

    See you at the Cafe!

    Marian Allen
    Fantasies, mysteries, comedies, recipes

  5. Karen Casey Fitzjerrell

    Susan – It looks like your post hit some common nerve among those who've commented. Like Helen, I appreciated your take on short stories versus novels. Ditto what Maryann and Marian said too. Thank you all for the visit!

  6. S.B. Lerner

    Thank you for having me, Karen. Truly, I have enjoyed our exchanges leading up to it, including the three-way discussions with Helen. Someday we'll all have to get together for coffee at the (a) Corner Cafe!

  7. Karen Casey Fitzjerrell

    Sounds like a good plan, Susan. What a wonderful world this is. Helen and I way down here in Texas and you way up there in New York, separated only by our SEND buttons.

    Happy trails!

  8. Chris Verstraete

    A great explanation and fun seeing another person share about their writing passion!

  9. Karen Casey Fitzjerrell

    Thanks Chris – come back for another visit soon.

  10. Dani

    Great post, you two! I love getting to know the contributors to this collection a bit better. For readers who want to learn more about the BBT Cafe, go here: where we have a waiting list to add hardworking authors who want a team social media effort. Now we'll see if I can get threw that Captcha code, the one best way to NOT get comments ever created by programmers! My advice as a blog book tours teacher: turn it off, at least during the blog book tour.

  11. Dani

    Threw that Captcha code – that had to be a Freudian slip. LOL. Susan, my mother is from Selesia which is now part of Poland. I've always wanted to research that part of the family tree more.

  12. Monti

    What an interesting post! I look forward to reading more of your work. Thank you Susan and Karen. So nice to meet fellow authors at The Corner Cafe!!!

    Mary Montague Sikes

  13. S.B. LErner

    Thanks Dani and Monti. I just scratched the surface of Polish history with my research and found it fascinating. Poland was occupied for over a hundred years prior to World War One, when it regained independence, so the interwar years were wildly political, with minorities hoping for equal rights and right-wing groups trying to keep them from power. Marshal Pilsudski was an interesting man, there are several books about him alone.

  14. Red Tash

    I am sorry I missed this post until today. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Honored to be part of the group.

  15. Helen

    Hi Susan. I'm reading A Suitable Husband right now!

  16. susan

    Just saw this, Helen. Omigosh!Hope you enjoy it!